NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle 3-Piece

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NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle is the sight of the year, prepare yourself just to gawk and grovel in amazement of the dream coming true. When skillful crafts and dreamy design ideas comes together and creates the most wonderful of paddles to date, NKD Sports proves that following your dreams isn’t a choice, it’s a passion and the only way to go. The NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle is an All-round SUP paddle for everyone, beginners and experienced SUP boarders. Where ever your sweet dreams take you, you won’t have any trouble tagging along this three-piece designed SUP paddle. Ideal and the best for transportation and travelling. Being a three-piece SUP paddle also enables you to adjust the length of the paddle to your height or preferred lengths. Thanks to the genius idea of shown measurements on the top of the SUP paddle, it won’t take longer than seconds to find your perfect fit. So, whatever your dreams may be on a SUP board, the NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle will aid you in seeing it through!

This SUP paddle is the best of the best. It’s top quality to the max and being made of carbon means it won’t ever let you down, when in action on the waters. With a neat design mix of both carbon and bamboo the NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle is the stronger of the strongest. With flex above all else and the ultimate lightness and rigidness. Weighing next to nothing you’ll feel the power of the speed with every pull you make on all your journeys. And just to dream even bigger, NKD Sports made the grip of the paddle ergonomically. This means it’ll fit just right when you hold it in your hands paddling along the far and wide blue seas.
As mentioned above the SUP paddle is a three-piece paddle, which lets you adjust lengths and disassemble the paddle into three parts. This is ideal for when you want to take your paddle along with you on both vacations or where ever else your dreams take you. The SUP paddle is made with a brand-new double lock mechanism and closing system, which will keep it super tight together and let you experience the waters dynamically and at full speed. Living the dream!

So, if you’re a dreamer of wonders unexplored and crave the taste of the wind and waters on your SUP board, well, then you need an equally magnificent SUP paddle too. And with this real-life dream of a SUP paddle, with a beautiful simple and continuous design, as well as being the work of arts. You and NKD Dream Bamboo/Carbon SUP Paddle will live life to its fullest, when paddling on the Rivers of Dreams together!
Lengte 175 cm - 229 cm
Gewicht 600 g
Schachtmateriaal 3K Carbon Fiber
Bladmateriaal Bamboo / 3K Carbon Fiber
Blade maat 48 cm X 21.5 cm
Soort Three-piece