Your journey continues and has already taken you so far and so many new places. You’re now ready to test out more daring stunts and adventures on this NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal. This NKD mini BMX is ideal for the intermediate and more experienced of riders, but this doesn’t mean that a beginner couldn’t skip ahead the journey and give this beautifully created beast of a mini BMX bike a go. The Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal has with its quality design achieved all what is needed and could be required by the intermediate or beginning riders. Great measurements and low on weight due to being made mostly of aluminum and High-ten steel. All in all, you’ll be light but durable. And with no trouble trying out crazier stunts on this mini BMX bike from NKD. So, if you’re ready to get creative with stunts and dwell deeper into the BMX sport and see what it has to offer you, then there’s no better way than to do so with NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal. No park or street has never seen such raw powered beauty in a mini BMX and the rider!

With a two-piece crank the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal will move smoothly and easily follow along with your movements during stunts. Alongside the excellent gear ratio of the mini BMX bike and the very durable integrated headset, you’re guaranteed a sturdy and stunt prepared ride as well. Meaning you can begin to get funky and really turn it up with some crazier stunts.
Furthermore, to keep the ride comfortable and prepped for the sweet journey ahead. The seat for this mini BMX was designed as a combo type seat and with air tires. But, keep in mind that these tires will need to be filled with air occasionally.

Therefore, if you want to begin the true journey and discover the many things a mini BMX bike has to offer. Well, then the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal is the crystal-clear choice for you!
Totale hoogte 81 cm
Gewicht 8.1 kg
Zadel Combo
Staafhoogte 26.5 cm (10.4")
Bar breedte 75 cm (29.5")
Cranks Two-piece
Gear Ratio 27/12
Sprocket montage Aluminium
Bar materiaal Aluminium
Headset type Integrated
Pedalen Plastic, Aluminum
Wieldiameter 26 cm (10.2")
Wiel type Luchtbanden
Montage Gedeeltelijk gemonteerd