Oh, hello there. It’s not often we have people stopping by these parts of the journey. Typically, only the chosen ones come here… wait a minute, could it be... it's you! Amazing, it’s been far too long since our NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond deemed one worthy of its legendary stunt capabilities and ultimate mini BMX powers. You see, there’s no denying it, this mini BMX is for the best of the best gone better. The pro riders and the chosen ones who all go beyond the journey and become legends and icons within the sport of BMX. The ones who not only know every stunt and trick in the books, but who also make up their own bold and incredibly wild stunts. For them an insanely durable and powerful monster and quality mini BMX is needed, so that they can go where no one have gone before. However, don’t be afraid to give the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond a go even as a beginner. Sometimes, however rare it is, a beginner is summoned by the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond. And having such perfected dimensions and the fact that it is of chromed steel, the mini BMX can see things inside you, that you may not know of yet. Or perhaps the fun and good times together just shines brighter than a diamond, which then intrigues the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond and calls for a meeting. Whatever it is, we’re at the end of our journey for now, but yours, chosen one, has only just begun!

To perfect perfection and reach levels above the skies, NKD Sports constructed and designed the mini BMX with a two-piece crank. Thus, smoothening and improving the movements of the mini BMX during stunts. Advancing the mini BMX further, it was made with an integrated headset and tremendously good gear ratios. Ensuring that the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond can handle just about every stunt your crazily insane mind can ever imagine. Durable and perfectly suited for the wildest of mini BMX stunts.

Here at the end of our journey we bid you farewell and hope the best for both you and this dream of a mini BMX. We wish you the best of bike times and eagerly we await to hear of your journey with the absolute best mini BMX bike ever made. The NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Neo-Chrome Diamond is ready, Chosen One, are you?
Totale hoogte 85 cm
Gewicht 9 kg
Zadel Combo
Staafhoogte 30 cm (11.8")
Bar breedte 76 cm (30")
Cranks Two-piece
Gear Ratio 27/12
Sprocket montage Verchroomd staal
Bar materiaal Verchroomd staal
Headset type Integrated
Pedalen Plastic, Aluminum
Wieldiameter 26.5 cm (10.4")
Wiel type Luchtbanden
Montage Gedeeltelijk gemonteerd