Every journey begins somewhere and with something, or at least all journeys we know of these days. But yes, the same goes for this kickass mini BMX from NKD! It’s the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Blue Gem and it’s the perfect and ideal choice for beginners who want to give the mini BMX sport a try. Yet also an amazing gem for the more experienced of riders. As the other variations of this particular mini BMX design, it has all the necessary startup attributes a quality mini BMX bike requires. Comfortable seat and top-notch handles. Great overall height and weight measurements, thanks to being made mostly of Hi-ten steel and aluminum. Together these materials offer a durable but light mini BMX. So, whenever you’re ready to go out adventuring on a journey with stunts and wild moves on a mini BMX. You’ll be in the very good company with the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Blue Gem. The parks and streets await yet another crazy mini BMX rider!

NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Blue Gem comes with a two-piece crank, which will better the bikes movements and the overall feel of your eventful rides. Furthermore, this mini BMX bike got a good gear ratio, so your rides will stay strong and well-suited for all kinds of wild stunts.
With air tires your rides will feel more comfortable than with the other types of tires for mini BMX bikes. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to fill air in the tires from time to time. Additionally, to increase the mini BMX’s durability, the headset is of the integrated type. This means there’s no need to worry about it not being strong enough for the start of your journey.

So, if you’re feeling ready and brave enough to take NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Blue Gem on a ride full of excitement and wonder. Well, then you know where the journey begins!
Totale hoogte 81 cm
Gewicht 10 kg
Zadel Combo
Staafhoogte 28.5 cm (11.2")
Bar breedte 75 cm (29.5")
Cranks 2-piece
Gear Ratio 27/12
Sprocket montage Aluminium
Bar materiaal Aluminium
Headset type Integrated
Pedalen Plastic, Aluminum
Wieldiameter 26.5 cm (10.4")
Wiel type Luchtbanden
Montage Gedeeltelijk gemonteerd