NKD Furious Freestyle BMX

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€ 602,87
The new Furious freestyle BMX from NKD is the perfect BMX for just about anyone! Whether you want to make tricks on the ramps around town, do some dirt riding or just cruise down the street, this BMX is the obvious choice. It is made of lightweight materials of high quality, so it's still solid and able you handle all the cool tricks you are gonna make on it.

Totale hoogte 123 cm
Frame grootte 20"
Gewicht 12 kg
Top Tube lengte 49 cm (19.3")
Headset type Integrated
Bar hoogte 22.5 cm (8.8")
Bar breedte 69.5 cm (27")
Bar materiaal Verchroomd staal
Blade Material Nee
Gear Ratio 26/9
Cranks Two-piece
Driver side Right
Rem Inbegrepen
Pedal material Nee
Wieldiameter 20"
Wielbreedte 5.5 cm (2.1")
Pegs Niet inbegrepen
Sprocket materiaal Nee
Zadel Combo
Saddle clamp Umbraco
Montage Gedeeltelijk gemonteerd