NKD Classic Aluminum SUP Paddle is the perfect All-round paddle for both beginners and the more experienced of SUP boarders. A three-piece designed SUP paddle capable of being adjusted to your height and personal preferences, so you’ll look the best while having the best of times paddling out on the blue sun kissed sea. If in doubt, the length of the paddle, depending on your style, should be approximately 10-20 cm longer than your height and with the shown measurements on the top of the paddle you can find your fit within seconds. The good old classics never fail, especially the new and improved ones!

The NKD Classic Aluminum SUP Paddle is as the name hints made of aluminum, which is a relatively light and rigid material. An ideal choice to those who want to give the SUP sport a go and taste the excitement and fun of the sport themselves. With a blade made of hard plastic you’ll also be able to enjoy the perfect flex, when you paddle through the waters on all your next or coming SUP adventures. And don’t worry, the grip feels just right in your hand. Perfectly and ergonomically shaped for your hands.
As mentioned the NKD Classic Aluminum SUP Paddle is a three-piece paddle, meaning you can disassemble it into three-pieces. Which is just downright clever, when it comes to transporting your SUP paddles along with you. And to sweeten the deal with more amazing features, the lock mechanisms used on this NKD SUP Paddle is super high quality too, as it enables you to really tighten the paddle, avoiding the minor clicking sounds due to being slightly loose. It also keeps the great dynamic feeling, when paddling out on the sea.

So, with a continuous and stylish design on both shaft and blade, this paddle will be cutting through oceans like a knife through melted butter. The upgraded designs of the blade, referring to the nicely cut out lines, will improve the ride on water by making your every pull worth it both for speed and power. Once again, NKD Sports proves their mastery of making products of great quality!
Lengte 175 cm - 215 cm
Gewicht Nee
Schachtmateriaal Aluminium
Bladmateriaal Nylon
Blade maat 42 cm X 21.5 cm
Soort Three-piece