World Championship in Skateboarding

By Nicklas M. in Skateboard
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Hot news from China, where the first official World Championship in skateboarding just were held a week ago. Hereby, creating an official ranking that indicates the beginning of the classification for the upcoming Olympic Games in Januar 2019.
This is a major leapt for skateboarding, which for the first time finally is being recognized as an official sports discipline for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

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BLACK FRIDAY - Crazy Sale!!

By EuroskateShop
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BLACK FRIDAY BIG SALE begins on Friday 23rd November at 00.01 !! Stay ready online and prepare yourself for crazy deals!!

Electric Scooters are booming - A new efficient and green urban way of commuting

By Nicklas M. in Company news, Scooter
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Electric scooters are a relatively novel and on growing trend in cities, and with good reason. An electric scooter can get you from A to B in almost no time and in a much more fun as well as greener way.

However, there’s quite a wide range of electric scooters to choose from, and law-wise most cities still lack clearer rules and regulations. So, be sure to click ahead if you wish to read more about electric scooters and what could be the right one for you.

Euroskateshop's Street Crew

By Nikolaj Holmlund in Skateboard, Snowboarding, Scooter, Watersport
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Do you want to become a member of the Euroskateshop Street Crew? You'll become a member of a family of talented sports men and women around the world. Fill this form, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


By Benjamin Nygaard in Company news, Skateboard
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"It's fun to surf around town or on the way to school. The design is really nice and the shape of the board gives an extraordinary experience." This is how Isak, our kiteanmark, tells team riders about it one of the new surf skates from the SILM series.

You can learn more about Isaac and the surf board in this blog, where Isaac tells us what he thinks is cool at this board. I am a writer for this blog post, and will try to give you a little insight into what surf skates are and what they are used for. Check out this post and see the nice pictures!

Late summer rollerskate stroll thorugh Amagerstrandpark

By Julie Martinsen
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Late summer rollerskate stroll through Amagerstrandpark

The other day two of our faithful riders went by Amagerstrandpark in Copenhagen to testdrive some of Story Skates hot rollerskates in the lovely late summer sun. They have put together a nice little video of the day's events. You can watch the video by continuing to read.

Black Friday 2018 Euroskateshop

By Benjamin Nygaard
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Black Friday at kitedanmark 2018!

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Welcome to our blog

By Benjamin Nygaard in Company news
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We are very happy to welcome you to our brand NEW BLOG!

Here we'll post interasting articles about all from product specific articles to news from our featuring brands. 

We are happy to have you here, please stay tuned!